We Need Each Other

  1. We Need Each Other -:-- / -:--

Decades apart I hold you differently
Some I cradle, the others need no sympathy
Days teaching old school
Nights holding newborns who’ll
Likely never know what they gave

We need each other, like a stellar atmosphere
We need each other, my affection commandeered
If you reach for me my friend, I’m here

I don’t wanna seem alone in this life
Just because I didn’t land me a wife
Well I’ve got my reasons, and I give blood every season
You know there’s more to me than my name


Maybe ya’ll pegged me for a man so unkind
Did you ever think you might be blind
To the other side of me that‘s outside of the grind
Oh that grind Oh that grind.

I spent time in Vietnam
Yeah these little ones they bring me calm
Relax in my lovin’ arms, keep us both safe from harm
There’s more to learn in this game.