Trial By Fire

  1. Trial By Fire -:-- / -:--

Tearin’ down Crossman, right on Oak Hill
Reaching speeds that gave my mother chills
Haulin round the cut through, launch myself to space
Tires rippin’ round and round
I’m airborne bound

Flyin’ high over rock and stone
Prayin’ I wouldn’t brake my bones
Trial by fire is wild
But I became a man, while acting like a child

Gone by sunrise, back past dusk
It was the 80’s, no one worried about us
In those Virginia woods, we claimed our ground
The 5 stood proud
Oh, no one dared come around


We all moved on from Annandale,
With wives and kids and even fought wars in hell
I gotta believe those Mason District days
Set wills ablaze
Yeah, we knew no other way