Stronger Than I Appear

  1. Stronger Than I Appear -:-- / -:--

Don’t let em get in your head
Lead em right to the edge
They’ll fall down in your wake
It’ll be their mistake

It’s about time
It’s about high time
To kick into top gear
I’m fixin at riskin a burn out
If I stick around another year

10 steps at a time
This cart before the horse is fine
There’s no looking back from here
I’m stronger than I appear

Moving at lightning speed
It’s well beyond a need
Being underestimated
Turns me motivated

Cat Shot off a burning flight deck
A live warhead on my back
Tearing ass across the clear blue sky
I’m a screaming eagle on attack


I’m ready to take my mark
C’mon and chase me through the dark
I dare you to follow along
This is where I belong

Running away like a hunted beast,
I’m never ever letting up
Stride over stride until I find release
Dodging bullets like an uppercut