Let’s Get Right

  1. Let’s Get Right -:-- / -:--

I’ve been feeling this for far too long
Now I’ve got something to say
It’s not my nature to be rightin’ wrongs
Here’s hopin you meet me halfway

This thing that’s come between us
The size of an atom, grew to a chasm
When did we become voiceless
These acts of avoidance
I couldn’t fathom
Lets Get Right, (it’s the only thing that matters)
Lets Get Right, (it’s the only thing that matters tonight)

Communication breaks down
Zeppelin sized anxiety moments
Let’s keep it light addressing heaviness
Before we turn broken


We can’t sleep this one off
Not this time
Talk to me tonight
Before you close your eyes

I have the tendency to run my mouth
It’s just nervous energy
Feel free to shut me down from heading south
Of our reality