Kite String

  1. Kite String -:-- / -:--

I’m looking to lose my mind
Going to find it again in one weeks time

It’s a calculated meltdown
Giving everybody the runaround

I wouldn’t believe a thing
Not a single word, look out,
My kite string

It flies a long way down.

Up in the sky
Where there’s no reply
Life simplified

Takin’ my sweet time
To start the unwind
Soak up these warmer days
Back here in the shade
I’m reaching my prime

Did somebody say they saw me
Not a chance in hell that wasn’t me

I checked out of my head last Friday
Must’ve been some poor sap stuck on The Beltway

My exit took me to The Keys
90 feet deep in the blue sea
It’s a long way down

Now it’s no lie
That the ocean is wise
Somebody recognize


I’m drifting away in my mind
There’s no turning back from this good time

It’s a long way down

Tear up my ticket I need seven more sunsets
Just starting to forget