Four Door Dynamo

  1. Four Door Dynamo -:-- / -:--

She’s a fine thing, an eye poppin short story
If these seats could talk
I’d bet my bottom dollar I’d be schooled by a scholar
Get the lowdown tomahawk
Just give me time to develop
Or we could just slide the seat up
Who’d know

She’s got a tight front end
You should see her from the rear
Cranberry pleather rockin 5 speed gear
She’s the little sister to the Vette with the turbo
My four door dynamo
We like to take it slow. Oh, take it slow

She’s got a custom deck, a ten band equalizer
Is it live or Memorex
That’s an upgrade from the FM converter
That I bought with the lifeguard checks
I’m saving up for a tape of my own
Gonna pop it in and hit the road alone


Keep an eye on the gauge it hasn’t moved in years
I’d top the tank off if I were you
She’s a low key ride to score some beers
In Georgetown ’82
Hatchback keggers
Never feels Iike a stranger to me