1. 2073 -:-- / -:--

A wise man once told me this
If there’s a party, don’t you miss
These are words to live by
And I’m sure,
It doesn’t have to be a crowd
Or all that loud

More than alone it’s good to be here at home
Wishing that this life of mine is the longest ride
I’m living a century

My kids became grandparents
Our friends so cantankerous
We don’t have any time for that
The wife and I are feeling pretty fine
She’s top of the line


Ain’t no one gonna drag me down tonight
At 99 I think I’m well within my rights
Yeah my rights
Let’s go

I don’t see nothing wrong with it
By then I’m ready to commit
Let’s take a ride in the Multiverse
One way
Babe trust me one last time
It’s our silver line, oh baby